All training is free to New Routes volunteers


New Communities Awareness training

New Routes Integration has designed training to aid cross-cultural understanding and support community cohesion.

The training is for anyone whose work includes engagement with asylum seekers, refugees and other recently resettled ethnic minorities, who would like clear definitions of immigration categories and entitlements and an understanding of the reality of settling into a new country and culture.

The training aims to explore the issues facing resettled ethnic minorities and to identify strategies for support.

A video, group discussions and partner working will be used and will include the following:

  • Defining different immigration status and entitlements
  • Exploring the myths surrounding immigration
  • An overview of the UK asylum process
  • Who are the new communities in Norfolk?
  • Barriers to integration and ways to address identified issues
  • Cultural differences

Participants will receive training information booklets.


Course Aims:

  • To clarify migrant definitions and entitlements
  • To challenge some common myths
  • To reflect on the reality of being an asylum seeker / refugee.
  • To identify strategies that support integration


Learning Outcomes:

  • To understand different immigrant categories and entitlements
  • To understand that seeking asylum is a right under the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees
  • To gain awareness of where asylum seekers / refugees come from; the experience of seeking asylum, and why they might come to the UK.
  • To examine local migration in a global context
  • To recognise that refugees make a positive contribution to the UK



Trainer fee : £30 per person, with a minimum charge of £300

Length of Course: 4 hours