The New Routes Youth Mentoring Project


The New Routes Youth Mentoring Project partners ethnic minority young people, often asylum seekers and refugees, aged 14 – 22, with trained local young people, to support educational achievement and promote cross-cultural friendship and understanding. The project has been running since October 2007 and currently supports 18 mentor/mentee partnerships as well as twice-weekly Homework Support Club at Norwich Social Centre.  We go on regular project outings to places of local interest and have termly, whole-project get-togethers to enjoy international cuisine and discuss future plans and new directions. Mentors receive project-specific training in refugee issues as well as Mentoring & Befriending Foundation accredited peer mentor training.  We have monthly mentor meeting and supervision sessions as well as on-going, additional training support for all volunteers. Volunteers make a 6-month commitment to weekly, one-to-one partnership meetings.

This project has Mentoring & Befriending Foundation, Approved Provider Standard accreditation.